James MacDonald Bridge - Edmonton, AB © 2012 randall edwards -- All rights reserved.

The Fog

Jay Maisel says to always bring your camera, ‘cause it’s tough to take a picture without it.

Yes!  There it is.  Decades of photography experience – distilled.  Bring your camera with you so that when you encounter something that takes you,  you are able to take the picture.  It really couldn’t be simpler could it?

In this age we have capable cameras at our sides at all times.  For most of us it is our iPhones.  It’s surprising at how accepted and legitimate iPhone work has become of late.  Most photographers I know are experimenting with iPhone-ography.   There are several photography shows dedicated to the art of the iPhone, a simple cell phone camera.  The idea of capturing an image, processing it on the phone and then presenting it on the web, all from one little device is revolutionary.

This week’s image captured my attention long before I captured it right back.  At 9:00a, after dropping my daughter off at class I drove under this familiar bridge and saw the fog and the light rising above the ridge and shining under the bridge.

Now think about this.  My iPhone-ography workflow is to first take the photo with the iPhone.  The iPhone automatically uploads the image to the cloud.  By the time I get back home and crank up my laptop, the cloud has deposited a copy of the image in my Photostream.  I pick it up from there and edit it with Snapseed.  A second edit with Photoshop to resize it for the web and up it goes to the blog.  Wow.  Welcome to the digital era.



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