Randall Edwards is an Edmonton-based photographer, digital artist, video producer and musician.  Take your pick.   Somebody once called him the “Blonde Buddha”.  He likes that handle and thinks he’ll keep it for now.

Most recently Randall is the producer behind the The 50 Words Project, an interplay of spoken word, sound, music and motion.  Check this project out at www.50words.ca.

You may also know him as a photographer or you may know him as one of the founding fathers of the Raving Poets (a group of poets and musicians that concoct an amazing blend of spoken word and music on a weekly basis.)  Or at least they used to.  They’re on hiatus now.  When it comes time to reinvent things you need to go on hiatus.

His photography has been been published in the Globe and Mail, See and Vue Magazines and Edmonton Life Magazine.  He likes taking author photos.  He likes to see his work on and in books.

He lives with his lovely wife and two amazing kids which alone provide him with an endless stream of inspiration.


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