Michele © 2012 randall edwards All rights reserved.

This marks the beginning of a foray into more of a “film noir” look and feel.  This is a genre that I’ve long wanted to explore.  It sort of suits where my head is right now visually. Model: Michele Assistant: … Continue reading

The snow

The snow © 2011 r edwards photography. All rights reserved.

The snow was all gone.  Then we got a dump of it again.  The snow will all be gone later this week when the temperature goes to double-digits.  But this morning, after I shuttled Kate off to her morning ballet … Continue reading


Raj-1 © 2012 r edwards photography

What to call this shoot? For the longest time it seemed to defy explanation. The working title was “The Peacock Shoot” and that seemed to stick. So, let’s work with that for now. Outstanding work on the make-up by Courtney … Continue reading

The Poplars

The Poplars © 2012 r edwards photography

The Poplars. I admire the poplar images of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, the ones that make you wonder how you never saw that before. This is not one of those images. In fact it isn’t even an image of … Continue reading

The Momentary Virgin

The Momentary Virgin © 2012 r edwards photography

What do they call it when people think they see the Virgin Mary in something? That’s what I felt for all of about 1/250 second as I took this image. Then the feeling subsided and I went for a double … Continue reading

The Lamp

Orange © 2012 r edwards photography

This lava lamp lives on the window sill of a south-facing wall in the office.  Somebody had turned the blinds down on this day and I was astounded by where the light was going. This photo was taken and completely … Continue reading

Shedding a skin

The Boy in the Box © 2012 r edwards photography

I’ve had a rewrite for this photography web site on the books for some time.  It seems to be one of those projects that I never get to.  It gets neglected – like the loose change at the bottom of … Continue reading